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Avadon 2: The Corruption – A Quest Playthrough

Avadon 2: The Corruption is the second recreation within the Avadon collection, made by Jeff Vogel, of Spirderweb Software, of Exile, Avadon, Geneforge and Nethergate fame. This guy is solely chargeable for a few of my favorite games and, though I don’t utterly agree with a few of his design selections in later games, I’m nonetheless an enormous fan of his work and can in all probability play via anything he releases.

Avadon 2 is not any exception. Heck, I’ve even put Demon Souls on maintain to play it, and Demon Souls is nice.

On this publish, I want to, within the ordinary fashion of this blog, guide the reader by way of one of many recreation’s many quests. We might be Searching the Rebels.

For the sake of completeness, I’ve returned with my celebration to the fortress Avadon.

On this recreation, you’re a scout, who stumbled right into a struggle and acquired recruited as a Hand of Avadon, a fortress who’s ruler’s sole function is to maintain the Pact, ruled by a council, in verify, via any means crucial. To realize this aim, he’s given absolute power, which he enforces by way of his Arms (army), Eyes (spies) and Hearts (advisers).

The Pact is a unfastened alliance of nations, surrounded on all sides by barbarians. Primarily, the worry of these barbarians, and of the black fortress itself is what retains the pact together. It’s a really bleak environment that this recreation portrays.

Anyway, we’re at the fortress.

Pictured: Contested Lands pylon room in avadon

From the picture, we’ve our roster to the left. We solely control the protagonist we’ve created whereas within the fortress, but once we depart for a mission, we get to select two extra out of a roster of 5 companions.

Pictured: The Character select screen

Pictured: The Character choose display

We achieve entry to these companions fairly early into the game and every of them represents a single class obtainable in the recreation. Formulaicaly, all of them have a character, a backstory and a aspect quest to get by way of that backstory as the primary quest chugs alongside.

While we take two of our companions with us, they all share experience, so now that we acquired again, after killing a bunch of stuff and solving a couple of quests, the three that have been left behind have talent and attribute factors to distribute. Let’s do this with our Shaman, Dedrik. He has a scar on his face that he’s ashamed of, so he gets to have the moody character.

Pictured: The skill screen

Pictured: The talent display

What’s seen right here is sort of comparable with all five of the character courses. There are 4 totally different attributes, and principally, it’s advisable to boost the one main for that character’s class. For shamans and wizards, that’s Intelligence.

Then, under, there are 3 specializations, for which we achieve some extent every five ranges. Putting some extent right into a specialization raises all expertise in that column of the talent three by 1. Principally, you specialize into what you’re already putting factors in anyway.

Lastly, there’s the talent tree. We get sufficient points to max out two of the three paths after which perhaps have a couple of leftover, so we do this for most characters. Dedrik is being educated in healing and summoning.

All of this actually isn’t massively terrifying, though. So far as I do know, you achieve access to retraining later within the recreation.

As soon as we distribute all the expertise, it’s time to go go to the fortresses retailers and sell our junk, however not earlier than I equip it on some of our unused characters. Gear matters, so we don’t wanna be pressured to play with an unequipped companion on some future quest.

There’s this cool high quality of life function that Avadon supplies – the Junk Bag. It’s a standard stock for all your characters, separate from their individual inventories. It’s both unlimited or very massive, I’m not likely positive, and what’s really cool about it is that something in it may be bought unexpectedly by simply clicking a single button. You possibly can shortly put gadgets in there by clicking them whereas holding Ctrl to. It’s superb.

Pictured: The inventory screen

Pictured: The stock display

Anyway, there isn’t much of notice. We put the gear we will on our characters and sell the remaining.

While selling, we additionally by Iron Razordisks 4 our Tinkermage, Aleander, since he can use them and doesn’t have any. It’s all the time a good idea to have a ranged weapon, since ammo is unlimited.

Pictured: The shop screen

Pictured: The shop display

Whereas we’re still here, we use the forge and the cheap runestones we discovered to enhance a few of our crappy gear in a particularly minor means. I barely used this function within the first recreation and it turns out, there really is little level to save lots of up the weaker stuff.

Pictured: Equipping the party

Pictured: Equipping the celebration

The approach it goes is, typically we find a runestone, which improves weapon and armor in particular method. Then we find a forge, take a bit of drugs and a runestone and put it on the forge to combine them. The runestone disappears and the merchandise is a tad stronger, nevertheless it can’t be improved anymore and the method can’t be reversed.

Oke, we’re completed in Avadon, so let’s go four our mission. What does the search log say?

Redbeard informed you that Commander Odil of Rockridge Hold has an concept of the place a number of the Wyldrylm rebels might have been hiding: A wretch lair west of the hold. It’s worthwhile to journey to that lair to research.

Commander Odil has advised you where the abandoned rebel fort is, Journey to there, enter and look for clues of the insurgent presence.

Pictured: The Codex

Pictured: The Codex

Readbeard is Avadon’s terrifying and slightly mad leader, The Wyldrylm are one of many two factions who are members of the pact, but are in a kind of tenuous conflict relating to some contested lands, wealthy in ore, between them. Commander Odil is the main commander of a fort inbuilt these contested lands to take care of peace. Wretches are small, stupid, high breed price goblin-like creatures dwelling in one of the barbaric areas outdoors the pact, but continuously infesting and invading pact lands. This should convey everyone on top of things.

We take the portal, take the Aleander and Khalida with us and have been there already.

Pictured: Pylon area in Contested Lands

Pictured: Pylon area in Contested Lands

The space with the portal shouldn’t be the world the place the search is. Luckily, the world transition zone is nearby so we take it to get to the “world map”.

Pictured: “World” map

See those arrows surrounding obtainable areas? Those permit us to select from which aspect we need to enter that zone, which is just a good thing to have. We need to go to the zone with the cave icon and only one arrow. One click and a loading display, and we’re there.

Avadon 2 - 10. Trapped Lair

Pictured: Getting into the world

Pretty quickly we get a text popup with some exposition

You examine your map and discover that sure, certainly, you’ve reached the area the place the abandoned insurgent lair is situated. It’s pretty quiet.

You’re at the south end of a broad plain, bisected by a river. There’s heavy forest to the west, with a large, rocky hill rising above it on the far aspect.

If there were plenty of rebels here, they did an excellent job of concealing their presence. The street you’re touring on has not been maintained for years. You see no towers, no fortifications.

There’s one sign of occupation, though. A line of woodsmoke, rising from a camp to the north, alongside the river. At the very least someone is right here.

We move around a bit and pretty quickly end up in a struggle with some dire wolves.

Avadon 2 - 11. Combat

Pictured: Preventing some wolves

So what can we see right here.

We see a blood spot to the correct, the place we’ve already killed a wolf with a single forged of a spell. We see Khalida holding a bow to attack from vary whereas the wolves strategy and we see Aleander approach too far within the front as a result of I miss-clicked when switching forwards and backwards between my wordpress modifying window and the game.

Avadon 2 - 12. Turret and Daze

Pictured: A summoned turret and a Daze spell in the strategy of being forged

It has been a turn and now issues have occurred. Aleander has constructed a turret next to him, because that’s what tinkermages do. They make turrets to assault enemies and pylons to strengthen the social gathering.  Varell, the protagonist, is getting ready to forged Daze, which has a very good probability of inflicting most of these wolves to skip a flip. It’s a simple struggle, actually, so all of that is overkill.

Avadon 2 - 13. Blade Sweep

Pictured: Using the Blade Sweep talent

Just to point out how straightforward it really is, we now see that all the wolves have been dazed, in order that they wont act. Also, Khalida has moved in between them and used Blade Sweep, which is an area attack that does an honest amount of injury and almost kills all of them directly. We mop up and move on.

The recreation continues to offer exposition by way of textual content, which is one thing I quite take pleasure in with spiderweb games. The mechanics might have been simplified, however there’s loads of taste nonetheless.

There was just lately a small battle here. The floor has been scorched by fiery magic, and the rains have not yet solely washed away the sings of blood.

There was a skirmish when the rebels evacuated the world. You aren’t positive who was preventing, but you find a number of giant, deep bootprints. Titan-sized, you’d say.

Titans are another of the barbarian races threatening the pact.

On the nearby riverbank, we stumble into a gaggle of Pact troopers.

Avadon 2 - 14. Pact Soldiers

Pictured: A dialog with some pact troopers

One of the solder provides to sell us looted gear. In some instances, we might be capable of use our authority as Hand of Avadon to scare them into at the very least giving us one thing, but there isn’t a such choice here, that I might inform.The soldier sells lockpicks. Based on rumor, there’s a limited amount of those within the recreation, so I all the time make it some extent to purchase these. I additionally buy Steel Razordisks, to improve Aleander’s Iron, which I simply purchased in Avadon.

The Watcher answerable for the troopers provides us details about our quest and learn how to enter the rebel lair.

The factor is, the best way I, and I’m positive many others strategy these quests is by first doing every thing that isn’t in the quest description. Because of this I discover each little little bit of the map that isn’t in the course of the search marker.

In one nook, I discover a pack of big lizards, led by an ice lizard. That is the first time I encounter these enemies.

Avadon 2 - 15. Lizards

Pictured: A fight towards some lizards

I’m capable of eliminate them earlier than they will act. The reward are a couple of animal skins, some lockpciks, a gaggle heal scroll and the power to enter an optionally available dungeon. That’s, it seems like an optionally available dungeon, nevertheless it’s just a joke.

You open the trapdoor and find a stairway underneath it. It goes down about 5 ft and is then blocked by tons of rubble.

Ha! Ha!

Further north, there are ruins of a Kva settlement, with some extra taste textual content, but there’s no point in transcribing all of those here. Play the game for yourself!

To the nortwhest, there’s a constructing with no doors. This often means we’ll get to seek out an entrance via a story or quest set off. Maybe in the very quest we’re on, or maybe in some we get to afterward.

Avadon 2 - 16. No Entry

Pictured: A building with no doors

To the west, there’s a cavern system with some drakes and lightning lizards, It’s clearly a place I will return to later, since there’s a stairway that disappears as I get shut, indicating I (in-game) do not know methods to get to it but. There’s additionally a locked door I will get to later. Why not now?

Avadon 2 - 17. Lockpicks

Pictured: An encounter with a locked door

As a result of it’ll take two lockpicks. Factor is, growing the lockpicking talent of some courses reduces that amount to 1 and even 0, so I can return with a dedicated lockpicker at a later time.

The Lost Caravan

There’s also a aspect quest I received in Rockridge that takes place on this map. A caravan was attacked and misplaced. I find traces of it close to the rebel base, but not quite there yet. Tracks point out it has been taken to a nearby spider-infested cave. All of this is informed to me by way of textual content, in fact.

Avadon 2 - 18 Spider Cave

Pictured: A spider cave

After a quick, however troublesome battle with the spiders, a set of stairs takes us back to the surface, right into a constructing closed from the surface. We get to open it now and we will turn in the quest once we get back to Rockridge.

Avadon 2 - 19. Caravan Recovered

Pictured: The backdoor exit from the spider cave results in some stolen goods from a robbed caravan.

Shifting On with the Rebels

There’s some extra unimportant monster slaying and fairly quickly, I run out of things to do, so now the celebration needs to finally enter the insurgent lair.

Avadon 2 - 20. Lair Entrance

Pictured: The entrance to the search dungeon.

The entrance to the hidden insurgent lair was made to seem like an deserted wood barn. Or perhaps the barn has been right here for years, they usually burrowed out their lair underneath it.

Both approach, you’ve situated what remains of their base. The signs of the traps you have been warned about are clear. Scorched floors, bits of blood, the lingering odor of sulfur.

The troopers failed, so Avadon goes in. It’s simply how this stuff are likely to work out.

Clearly, it’s time to go underground. I do this, and shortly after, get trapped in there.

Avadon 2 - 21. Trapped Underground

Pictured: A scripted lure triggers quickly after getting into.

The floor lurches underneath your ft. The air is flooded with mud and smoke. the concussion leaves your head spinning and your ears ringing.

The exploding barrels you passed on the best way in weren’t malfunctioning. they have been set to go off once you have been by. You’re trapped inside their lair.

When you don’t find one other exit, your profession as a Hand of Avadon will probably be extraordinarily brief.

being trapped underground does wonders for Khalida’s sense of function. She radiates targeted rage. “Only cowards use traps.” She pulls out her sword and appears eager to start the hunt for those responsible.

I’m considering there was a theme to this area.

In the north, there’s an deserted store with alchemical gear. The traps within the rebel base are explosive, but in addition alchemical in nature, if Aleander is to be believed. There are undead in each the shop and the bottom. Afterward, it even seems the two are related by a collapsed tunnel.

I’m considering there’s a background story to the world, loosely informed, but nonetheless, there’s one thing. I fairly like that!

Anyhow, additional on, first there’s some plot improvement from Aleander. He takes some notes about some unset explosive barrels to send to his household. Then, there’s an encounter with Sulla, a Wyldrylm warrior. He tries to warns of of an ambush by summoned Imps, however too late and we’re all pressured to battle.

Avadon 2 - 22. Ally

Pictured: Encounter with a possible ally?

We eliminate the imps and query Sula. He first claims he’s only a hunter who fell by way of a pit lure into the lair. Afterward, he gets caught in a lie and admits he’s a rebel scout who received trapped by being foolish. Still afterward,we belief him too much and he manages to destroy some papers. Turns out, he’s there to wash up evidence. There’s a kind of battle where he casts battle frenzy on himself. It’s actually shut, however he ends up escaping. I determine to reload and this time don’t let him destroy proof. A major character from first recreation is working with the rebels!

Avadon 2 - 23. Not Ally

Pictured: The ally exhibits their true face soon.

We maintain him round, so he can open doors, and soon enough, we get to satisfy nose to nose with an enemy that’s been chasing us, or has been chasing us from the beginning of the sport.

Ghorus, the Hunter

You’re close to an exit. You possibly can odor the recent air, and there’s the barest hint of daylight visible to the north. You’re virtually capable of escape this pit.

But one thing stands in your method. A titan with an all too familiar face. Ghorus the Hunter, you heard him referred to as.He clubbed and captured Silke when the rebel attack started. he tried to kill you whenever you have been making an attempt to use the pylon to Avadon. Now he’s here, armed and standing in your means.

Sulla freezes, terrified. You’d assume he can be pleased to find a fellow insurgent. He isn’t.

Ghorus rises slowly to his ft if you enter. he isn’t the same virile brute you encountered earlier than. He’s coated with wounds and burns, treated with filthy bandages. He stares down at you, not sure what he’s seeing.

Sulla, what’s going on?

Sulla whispers, “There might have been some arguments. Between our aspect and our servants, I imply.

Greetings, titan.

Ghorus appears nearer at you. “Little people. Little pests. No trusting humans. Pact people hunt me. Konstina and her rebels cheat me. Nothing but hassle, humans are.


“Massive insurgent boss. Little cheater. I’ll make her pay.

What did you do with the scout you captured?

Ghorus is confused. “Scout? Captured? Oh, that infant I clubbed within the woods. I dumped it in the cells right here. Lifeless? Not lifeless? Don’t care.

The place is ?

The query catches Ghorus abruptly. “She left. left Konstina behind. She all the time paid us. Now she gone.

What occurred to you?

“Tried to hunt Pact humans. You. Konstina told me to hunt you. Avadon helped you get away. Konstina blamed me for that, for everything. She tried to cheat me. I tried to make her pay.”

Make her pay how?

“Tried to eat her. Had my ogres, my wretches. Thought I could beat her and her guards. Was wrong. Most of us died. I got away, hurt bad.”

“Now I just make little people pay!”

Maybe Avadon pays on your providers.

Ghorus barely hears you. he’s been maddened by the ache of his wounds. A lengthy rope of drool palms from his mouth.

“Pay? Like Konstina pay? Watch as all my helpers die, then whine and not pay? No, I eat you and take all your things. That my pay!” He lumbers ahead, club in hand.

The dialog had other options, but there was no method to return to them, so this is what I received stuck with. I’ve to battle a weakened titan.

The battle begins by me summoning a couple of turrets and then dwindling Ghorus down a bit. Because it’s a boss battle, there are gimmicks. At about 60% health, which is probably 75%, but the graphics aren’t clear on it, there’s a cutscene, should you can call it that.

You have got managed so as to add a number of more wounds to Ghorus’s already impressive collection. With each poke and jab, he grows more incoherently livid.

“Wanted to protect… protect my few pets left, but no more. Come wretches! Swarm these little humans!”

As you look around for extra foes, Ghorus pulls a crystal from his pouch and crushes it in his fingers. Is pores and skin instantly takes on a wierd, green luminescence.

Sulla seems to be on the passage to the north. the state of affairs has gotten just a little loopy for him. He makes a run for it.

At this point, I have the option to kill Sulla to, so I do exactly that, regardless that he would’ve in all probability been stopped by the wretches summoned from the north.

Avadon 2 - 24. Fight

Pictured: A boss battle towards a weakened titan.

At about 15% well being left, there’s one other cutscene.

Ghorus lastly lets go and sinks into pure berserker insanity. He begins to stomp his ft on the ground. The stone shakes underneath your ft and rocks fall from the ceiling above.

“Gharrrrraaaaghhh!” he adds.

A few turns after this, Khalida manages to cross out. Character’s don’t actually die in Avadon. Even if only one emerges victorious from the battle, the fallen ones revive. One other couple of turns after that unfortunate occasion, we are victorious and she or he is back with us. I get the loot and think about leaving, however then try to open a trapped passage Sulla refused to open earlier than. No luck, the tunnel still collapses if I attempt it. Both Sulla had to do it sooner or later, or there’s one other approach in, because there’s clearly an space beyond. It’s in all probability related to the disappearing passage in the drake caves above ground.

Anyway, the passage past Ghorus takes us to the doorless building I mentioned before. Whodathunkit!

And that’s about it. What comes next is me turning within the Misplaced Caravan aspect quest and then going again to Avadon to show within the Attempting to find Rebels major quest. Those would simply be spoilers, so let’s not do this.

As an alternative, I’ll just say that Avadon 2: The Corruption is a reasonably cool recreation I’d advocate any fan of old-fashioned RPGs to play, as I might the primary one, or any spiderweb recreation for that matter. Positive, a few of the stuff is a bit too simplified, however there are high quality of life options that greater than make up for it.

Take pleasure in!